It's all about the Journey....

  • Upon arriving in 2020 it wasn't as quite of a smooth transition for D.Hawkins. Although he was born and raised in Texas, his mother and immediate family were originally from California. Compton to be exact. In January 2020 he relocated back to his family roots of California. Not only to pursue his dreams but to pickup and carry on his "Family's Legacy" Touching down with literally only 2 suitcases and a "carry-on". He has built a beautiful Empire including. Owning his first home, starting multiple businesses, becoming a Music Artist and well respected Production Designer. 

  • His unique Set Design styles have been featured in 8 total movies, 2 reality shows, and 3 music videos throughout Los Angeles thus far. All within the 2 short years he's resided. Come rain or snow D.Hawkins will survive! He recently kicked off his new production company "DH Design Co". Of which is thriving and more successful than he could've imagined. D.Hawkins continues to thrive as a young, innovative and resourceful young man!

B.T.S of Hope Street Holiday Produced By Isadora Ortago & Brandon Morris